About Us

Taylor A. Collections is a 21st century inspired clothing and accessories boutique originated by Taylor A. Williams. Taylor A. Collections, as an entity, features timeless pieces allowing you to feel sexy, sophisticated, and powerful-all at once. 

Taylor A. Collections encourages all women of different shapes, size, ages, and skin tones to channel the power that lies within and become the sexy and sophisticated person that’s been there all along. We hope that every woman allows themselves to be open to new styles, and different trends that Taylor A. Collections will be releasing regularly. Our ultimate goal is for the timeless woman to be empowered, inspired, confident, and motivated to be a boss babe, and our job is to help them look the part! We encourage women to empower other women and we look forward to supporting them through their ventures as well by featuring a woman on our blog each month who is slaying every aspect of life.